CNC Routing

 From small objects to elaborate architectures, we can do it. 

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  • Exceedingly Capable.

    Our (2) full 3-axis CNC Routers can do anything from simple 2D profile cuts and pockets to complex 3D contours and shapes, all machined to a tolerance of next-to-nothing.    Their  60"x120" beds provide an exceptionally large working area, allowing for projects to be executed on the scale of furniture, interiors and small architectures, as well.

    Less Costly than you Think.

    In most cases, we handle job setup and machining time at a rate of $95/hr, with a minimum 1/2 hour each.   While we do jobs both big and small, the smaller ones are are always billed on a time and materials basis.   In these cases, we'll give you a ranged estimate of the likely cost on the front end and some tips on how to keep the billable time down.    If you'd like to see what we think it will take, just drop us a line.   We'll get back to you right quick.   

    Re: Files and Instructions

    We can work with a wide variety of file types, but the most common are .3dm, .dxf, .dwg, and .eps files.   When it comes to creating a file, If you need a hand, no sweat!   Our digital drawing and modeling skills are here for you, too.
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