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May 9, 2014

This is a remarkably exciting time in the world of design.    The planet is teeming with problems that only can only be resolved by Good Design, and the paradigm shifting tools once reserved for only the highest level industrial environments are now coming into (we) the aspiring Good Designer’s hands.    (Go Team!)  One such tool is the CNC Router — versatile, fluidly moving, impressively accurate and absolutely tireless.  It’s these characteristics that inspire us to talk vaguely of ‘amazing possibilities’ and the like.   That said, one of the most common uses for a CNC router since they’ve come into the reach of smaller shops has been to address a more simple, old and familiar challenge:  signage.   The demand is constant and the harmony that exists between a digitally-produced-logo and a digitally-instructed-carving-machine, undeniable.  It’s been said on many a CNC forum that if you own a router, it’s only a matter of time before you do a sign for somebody… for us, it was an exceptionally short wait, for sure.

Here’s a running list of the ones that have made their mark with us for one reason or another…



. . . 



ourCaste, 2015
3/4″ Appleply



SIMPLE, 2015
3/4″ Birch Ply



1″ High Density Urethane


signs_argonaut 01signs_argonaut 02

1/4″ MDF


signs_urban pantry 01signs_urban pantry 02signs_urban pantry 03

Maple Butcher Block w/Yaki-sugi burn.


signs_wilder 01

WILDER, 2013
Reclaimed Freight Decking w/natural soiling.





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