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The Standing Landing, 2014

A work area and team hub with lockable storage, integrated power/data and room to put your stuff. Developed in concert with Airbnb’s super-talented design team and engineered to be cost-effective, material efficient and quick to produce.










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In a work environment that is conceived as habitable landscape, the Standing Landing amounts to a base camp. It represents a new furniture type for a new way of organizing the work; one that allows an underlying organizational structure that is both subtly grounding and flexible all the same.









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Developing a piece without precedent is an inherently iterative process. In the course of five weeks, a total of four successive prototypes were produced for these ends, mediating the interests of the visionary designers, the code-conscious architects, the bigtime contractors and associated trades. With experience that spans all of these disciplines, SuperFab was a natural fit to facilitate this process.









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To date, we’ve produced Standing Landings for multiple sites in Portland and Airbnb’s San Francisco Headquarters, as well.   The work concept (coined “Belong Anywhere”) has been a resounding success within the company and its ongoing deployment provides the opportunity to implement subtle refinements with each generation.   As ever, the good work goes on.  








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Andy Powell
Dave Collins
+ Aaron Taylor Harvey
   Rachael Yu (airbnb)



Nicholas Musso
Alex Pierro
Joshua Raines
Hart Migdal
Francesco Cupulo
Travis Edgar
Kevin Nagler
Jay Watts
Eric Robison



Boora Architects



Jeremy Bittermann
Andy Powell
Jaclynn Fronczak



Boora Architects
Bittermann Photography

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